Richard Collier: Paralyzed and Leg Amputated

September 29, 2008

Richard Collier, Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle, is paralyzed from the waist down and had to have his left leg amputated as a result from a shooting earlier this month in front of an apartment complex in Jacksonville. See more photos of Richard Collier below.

Collier has no recollection of the shooting, in which he was violently shot 14 times in the back, left groin and leg and right buttock. One of the bullets severed his spinal cord, which caused the paralysis, and his left leg was amputated because blood clots formed in his leg as well as in his groin. Additionally, he suffered renal failure, pneumonia and infections. The details of his condition were not immediately released to the public following the shooting because his family wanted him to understand what happened to him since he had no recollection of the shooting. The Jaguars organization were not initially told of the details of his condition either. His agent, Jeff Jankovich, said:

“He has extreme grief for a lifetime of dreams he won’t be able to fulfill.”

There have been no arrests made in the shooting and a motive is unknown, although Jacksonville police say that it looks as if Collier was targeted.

His condition has been upgraded from critical to “good” and details of his release from the hospital were not given.

You can see more photos of Richard Collier below.

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