Olga Bakalopoulos Is ‘The Greek Sensation’

September 27, 2008

Meet Olga Bakalopoulos, a mixed martial arts fighter from Canada. She is also known as ‘The Greek Sensation’ after she lived in Greece for almost three years. See photos and a biography of Olga Bakalopoulos here.

Olga was regarded as one of the best MMA instructors in the world before she retired in 2005 and stopped her private coaching. Her career record of 14-5 is also enviable.

As a biography, Olga Bakalopoulos was born on January 20, 1978 in Toronto, Canada so her age is 30. She has always been interested in the strength and stamina sports and took inspiration from noted body-builder Nikki Fuller when she was 17.

Olga was earlier trained for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by 4th degree black belt Marcus Vinicius at the Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club but later on moved to MMA in 2000. In the same year she won the Cobra Challenge and the Underground in Killen, TX. She was also the Overall Winner of the U.S. Open in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in November, 2005. The next year Olga won the California International.

During an interview, when asked about women in fight-sports, she says:

“In every other sport you see women having a place. Women have as much right to be in this as the guys do. In the beginning, it wasn’t all that great but now you have women like Lucia Rijker and Laila Ali, they’re just phenomenal fighters. Every year the sport gets bigger, more women get into it, and they’re saying ‘hey, I can do this.’ It’s going to be awesome.”

Bakalopoulos retired in 2005 with 3-0-0 (wins-losses-draws) MMA record.

More photos of Olga Bakalopoulos are below.

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