Paige Green is John Elway’s Girlfriend

September 26, 2008

Meet Paige Green, the girlfriend of former NFL quarterback John Elway. See her photos, biography and video here. She is a former Raider cheerleader after all.

She will soon become Mrs. Paige Green Elway as the couple just announced their engagement. Miss Green will be married to a hunky quarterback man who was a heartthrob for women everywhere.

As a biography, Paige Green is a former cheerleader and sometimes actress. She is 41 years old which makes her 7 years younger than daddy Elway. Do not forget that his ex-wife is Janet Elway who bore the nimble quarterback four entire children over 18 years of marriage.

John Elway’s girlfriend is a beautiful woman. Her honey blond hair is long and flowing. Her skin is a succulent olive complexion, while her eyes are mysterious. Ms. Green stands 5’9″ tall, while her weight and measurements are unknown.

We are unaware of any nude pictures of Paige Green and do not believe she has posed for Playboy or other men’s magazines. We have been unable to find her Raiderette photos.

Her movie career includes 13 films that you have probably not hear of including such titles as The Yoga Zone and Gory Gory Hallelujah. She was also in three television pilots for shows that did not make it, and she has been a TV hostess.

She is a skilled ballroom dancer, an improv theater actress, and she can even hold a tune as the lead singer for four little known bands. Truly she is a jack of all trades. Did I mention that Paige is a former Raider cheerleader?

John proposed to her while on vacation in Italy after dating steadily. The hot couple met in 2005 at a celebrity golf tournament. They have been shacking up in Denver for some time, so why not make it official?

Pictures and a video are below.

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