Heather Christensen Is Playboy Glamour Model

September 24, 2008

Meet Heather Christensen, an American glamour model and a skateboarder who is better known for her appearances in Playboy magazine than her skateboarding skills. See photos and a biography of Heather Christensen here.

Heather was voted as the Playboy Special Editions Model Of The Year in 2001. She has also been skating since 1998.

As a biography, Heather Christensen was born on October 1, 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio so her age is 28.

Christensen started working for a strip club to get money for her higher education and was spotted by a Playboy scout over there. It was only then that she started modeling for the magazine and then went on to appear on a variety of feature pages like Playboy’s Natural Beauties, Girlfriends, Book of Lingerie and Sexy Girls in Sports from 2000 to 2005. She also appeared mermaid in the famous Wet and Wild 2002 edition.

Heather had a lot of interests including rock climbing, diving, snowboarding and hiking. She was exceptionally good in skateboarding and married a professional skateboarder only, by the name of Anthony Furlong. The hobby got over after a severe fracture she got after a metal board accident.

It’s said that Playboy asked Heather to pose on a skateboard after they decided to photoshop all her scars from her pictures.

You can check out her Playboy pictures at your own discretion.

More photos of Heather Christensen are below.

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