Jake Brown Falls at the X Games (Video)

August 3, 2007

Here is the video of skater Jake Brown falling in a nasty tumble at the X Games Big Air. He falls 45 feet into a heap at the botton, and then walks away from the skateboarding accident without injury several minutes later.

For those who are not cool, it is said that Jake Brown got “pitched out on the quarterpipe.” That sounds so naughty. I hope that never happens to my little body, especially if the video gets posted on the internet.

Brown attempted what’s called a 540 McTwist, a twisting, turning trick with 1½ revolutions. He fell so hard that his shoes popped off several feet in the air. Come to think of it, a McTwist might be a great new position but not too rough please.

He has a reputation to go for the biggest tricks, which often backfires if he doesn’t land them as in this case. But skating conservatively is not Jake Brown’s style, and his mastery of technical and flip tricks lead him to a first place X Games gold finally in 2006. I do not like playing conservatively either, but this is ridiculous.

Skateboarding is such an extreme sport! Boys love their X Games but I prefer X-rated games.

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