Jenn Brown is ‘Inside the NFL’ HOT

September 17, 2008

Meet Jenn Brown, the world’s hottest television reporter on “Inside the NFL” on Showtime. See her photos, biography and a special video you will not want to miss.

She his a multidimensional television personality and hot host, as well as a model and producer. She has been a favorite with ESPN for years, covering the X Games among other TV gigs. But now her career is heating up as she was named a reporter for “Inside the NFL” on the Showtime channel.

As a biography, she was born Jennifer Brown on March 23rd 1981 which makes her 27 years old. She grew up in Orlando Florida as the daughters of Olympic gymnastics coaches.

In that family environment Jenn learned the rigors and discipline of how to stay in shape while mentally managing a career in the spotlight. She has done that marvelously well as her accomplishments at such a young age make clear.

She excelled in both sports and academically in high school. Ms. Brown played 7 sports in school but still managed to earn an academic scholarship to the University of Florida. She played varsity softball on their squad for four years.

What a smartie! Jenn Brown graduated Summa Cum Laude despite her dedication to college softball and then enrolled in law school at the age of 21.

But fame and fortune came calling in the form of “The Wild Side,” a television show which cast her as a traveling hostess much like Rachael Rae’s traveling dining program. But there is nothing like hosting “Inside the NFL.”

Jenn Brown’s television credits are substantial. Her gigs include CBS, ABC, and a variety of cable channels including ESPN. She hosted a reality TV show called “I Want To Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again” on the Country Music channel as well as “48 Straight, The Mountain Experience” which was a show about mountain biking. She also provides regular commentary for professional poker tournaments.

To complete Jenn Brown’s biography, she currently resides in Manhattan Beach, California. Her measurements and weight are unknown. Her MySpace page describes her as currently “in a relationship” which is too bad for all the girls and boys who want to hook up.

See more modeling pictures and a video below.

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