Brendan Capell Is Stephanie Rice Boyfriend

September 11, 2008

Meet Brendan Capell, an Australian swimmer who is currently dating the Australian golden girl Stephanie Rice. He has been a long-time training partner of her. See photos, video and a biography of Brendan Capell here.

Brendan came to the spotlight only Wednesday, as he was involved in an intimate session with Stephanie in a Sydney bar. Though Brendan was initially described ony as a ‘well-built’ man, details about his life have only started to come out.

It’s been reported that Brendan has been training at Brisbane’s St Peter’s pool with Stephanie for over eleven years now. Although Stephanie hasn’t got anything to say.

“I really don’t want to talk about any of it,” the Daily Telegraph reported Rice as saying.

As a biography, Brendan Capell was born on Sept 26, 1984 in Brisbane, Australia so his age is 23. The guy is over six feet and looks very handsome.

Capell started out in the international arena with the world championship in the 25km event during the Dubai Championships in 2004. He continued his dominance in the same event by becoming the Australian champion in 2005.

Brendan took part in both China World Cup and Hong Kong World Cup in 2004, but finished a dismal ninth. Though his career is far less glorious than Stephanie’s, who won three gold medals during the Beijing Olympics, Brendan has always been praised for his consistency.

At least, the rumors of the link-up between Rice and Michael Phelps have come to a rest.

More photos and a video of Brendan Capell are below.

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2 Responses to “Brendan Capell Is Stephanie Rice Boyfriend”

  1. 1
    Ad Says:

    This statement is absolute BS!
    dating, girlfriend? haha
    I feel sorry for steph cos anytime she is seen with any guy its a big issue. I am personally friends with the Capell’s and can assure its nothing. The media are just ravelling about nothing

  2. 2
    Niki Says:

    The girl has been linked to at least three guys since the Olympics. This is just another downside of being a celebrity.