Jamie Burns is SMU Cheerleader Banned From Cheering

September 10, 2008

Meet Jamie Burns, a cheerleader from Southern Methodist University (SMU) who was banned from cheering. See photos, video and a biography of Jamie below.

Jamie Burns, who received a cheerleading scholarship to attend SMU, has a heart condition that requires her to wear a pacemaker. Unfortunately, SMU’s insurance does not cover Jamie’s heart condition. After cheering in only one game, she was told last Friday that she could no longer perform with her squad. She has been reduced to cheering from the sidelines and simply clapping and chanting.

“I feel like I am being cheated for no reason,” Jamie said. “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

Even Jamie’s cardiologist gave her the a-okay to cheer with no restrictions. A release form states that she should avoid direct contact sports, but cheerleading was fine.

Her mother, Marge Burns, brings up the fact that Jamie did sign a waiver of liability that states she would not sue the university, and is obviously upset with the school’s decision.

Her cheerleading scholarship still remains intact and she will not lose it, and SMU has stated that it will review her case, but in the meantime, she’ll only be able to cheer from the sidelines.

Cheerleading is Jamie’s life, and she pushes herself to improve in everything related to cheerleading, including her tumbling and jumping skills. Jamie has been cheering for the last five years with a pacemaker and has had no problems. She questions why SMU offered her the cheerleading scholarship to begin with and even allowing her to participate in the the first SMU football game.

“It’s not right,” she said. “If they didn’t want me to cheer they should have said it at the beginning and not get my hopes up as far as they have now.”

More photos and video of Jamie Burns are below.

There seems to be an issue with the video, so go here to view it.
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