Kate Middleton Is a Sexy Rower (Photos)

August 2, 2007

The beautiful Kate Middleton and her rowing team, “The Sisterhood” (see more photos below), have been warned that they might not be able to row across the Channel. The all girl team are attempting to row from Dover to Cap Gris Nez, near Calais, on August 25 in order to raise money for charity. They’re quickly running out of time, as permission is needed to cross the world’s busiest shipping lane. If they don’t have it, they could face an arrest by the French authorities. The whole process takes about a month, and it was only yesterday that they contacted British authorities. A Coastguard spokesman was not very receptive to the whole idea of Kate and her crew rowing across the Channel, stating:

“This is the most dangerous shipping lane in the world. We have 500 vessels making this crossing every single day. You can’t just turn up and set off – you need permission. Not getting this will put lives in real danger – not just theirs, but everyone in the Channel that day. Also, a dragon boat has a flat bottom so it tends to go through the waves rather than over them, meaning their craft could quickly become swamped with water. Even if the crew do get permission, they will have to contend with many hazards on the 21-mile journey.”

I highly doubt that there will be a problem. I’m sure you’ve probably heard that Kate Middleton has gotten back together with her boyfriend, Prince William, the future heir to the throne. They apparently broke up back in April and it seems the lad has been begging her to reconcile. She most recently was seen with him at the Concert For Diana, which he and his brother, Prince Harry, organized in a tribute for their late mother, Princess Diana. So obviously all she has to do is ask her boyfriend to pull some strings and voila, no problem. I mean, give me a break, it’s for charity for God’s sake. You can read more about “The Sisterhood” on their website.

More photos of sexy rower Kate below:

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