Marion Jones Released From Prison

September 5, 2008

Marion Jones was released from prison earlier today after serving a six month sentence for lying to prosecutors about her steroid use. More photos and video of Marion Jones are below.

Marion Jones was released from the prison in San Antonio around 8:00 AM, and will remain on probation. Jones was sentenced in January, and received the maximum in her plea deal. Judge Kenneth Karas wanted to send a message to athletes who use steroids and did not let up on her sentence, which also included her knowing of the check fraud scam that her ex-boyfriend, Tim Montgomery, was involved in.

Jones was originally questioned by prosecutors in 2003, and denied her use of performance enhancing drugs. In October 2007, she admitted that she did in fact use steroids her trainer, Trevor Graham, had given her. She used prior to the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After her admittance, she returned all five medals she had won in Sydney – 3 golds (100 m, 200 m and 1600 m relay) and 2 bronzes (long jump and 400 m relay) before she was told by the IOC that she would be stripped of them. The results from her events at the Sydney Olympics were removed from the books as well.

More photos and video of Marion Jones below.

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