Tracy Anderson is Madonna’s Personal Trainer

September 4, 2008

Dying to know how to get a body like Madonna? Well you should be, because for fifty years old she looks super amazing! Find out the person who holds all the secrets to Madonna’s killer body and see photos and a video here.

Tracy Anderson is the trainer behind the gorgeous bodies that are Madonna and Gwyneth Platrow. She is a former dance star turned personal trainer and now her secrets are being brought to the masses via dvd! This month Tracy Anderson will release three dvds that feature her signature workouts; a post-pregnancy workout, a mat workout and dance cardio exercise.

This 5’0” personal trainer works out with Madonna and Gwyneth at least 6 times a week and even does video training sessions with them while they are on the road. That is some dedication! Tracy got her start in personal training when she decided she needed to get herself into shape. Once Tracy became trim and fit she realized she could take her skills and teach them to others. Tracy then spent the next ten years doing research and testing out her principles on other women.Anderson’s teachings go against what most gyms will teach you do to and focuses less on large muscle groups. Tracy should be considered more of an inventor than a personal trainer because she even designed her own workout machine; the Hybrid Body Reformer (HBR), which is a pulley system that enables a specific muscle or muscle group to work at many different angles. The biggest secret to Tracy Anderson’s fit body is “variety”.

More photos and a video of Tracy Anderson are below.

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One Response to “Tracy Anderson is Madonna’s Personal Trainer”

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    Lucy O'Brien Says:


    I’m writer for the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, and would very much like to get in touch with Tracy Anderson re. an interview. It would be about her DVDs and workout philosophy. Do you possibly have a contact for her?

    thanks so much for your help!
    all the best,
    Lucy O’Brien